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Chief Architect

Sidhaarth Krishnan – Chief Architect

At the age of 10, Sidhaarth Krishnan started developing interest in coding and computer software and started by reading about the various coding programmes and exploring them. He also has participated in various coding and cyber Olympiads since his middle schooling and won awards for the same. He has learnt C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL and many such complex coding languages through self- learning. From a very young age, Sidhaarth Krishnan has been a very ambitious boy and has dreamed big of achieving great heights in computer science and has been very interested and keen in Entrepreneurship. He has also attended a 10-day workshop conducted by TIE for young entrepreneurs.

Sidhaarth’s talent was first identified by his parents when they discovered him trying out a few programmes on the coding software on the computer. He was also encouraged and supported by his peers as well as his teachers to pursue the same. He was also asked to support for any help required in the same field in his school.

While exploring many such programmes, Sidhaarth also started studying the in-depth working of many mobile applications. Being fascinated with them, at the age of 13, Sidhaarth fixed his goal to create one such mobile application and take a step toward entrepreneurship. With a spark of an idea, he decided to create a video and audio calling app, HiDa!, which would be an easy and secure way for video calling, using the least amount of internet as possible.

HiDa! was taken up as an initiative of Drona Ventures, in which Sidhaarth’s father, Mr.S. Krishnan is a Founder-Director. Sidhaarth’s father was a huge support to him in carrying out his first project which he was doing by his own.

Sidhaarth created a smaller version of HiDa! with which he ran many tests and trails and aimed to create easier ways for people to communicate through video calling. By the time Sidhaarth was 15, HiDa! had been used by a few companies for their video conferences, and Sidhaarth too started working on the important aspects which professionals look for in the Applications they use for their video conferencing.

Currently, HiDa! is being used by many more professionals and HiDa as a product with its unique features is one of a kind Video Conferencing App which has a server hosted in India itself. HiDa! now has its own Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram account through which the updates and features are entered in for widespread awareness about the application. It is much applauded and highly appreciated by many. Sidhaarth continues to improve this brainchild project of his, and is working on the mobile version of this application too.

Other than coding, in his leisure time, Sidhaarth takes great interest in gaming and enjoys exploring the virtual gaming world too. Also, along with his peers, Sidhaarth has interests in building PCs and learning about software interfaces in general.

Looking at the future projects, Sidhaarth aims at solving many socio-economic and day-day issues with simple technological solutions that will be available to all. Being a passionate problem solver and an excellent coder, he combines these skills in helping out the society for a good cause.