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All-in-One Platform

All the functionalities and capabilities needed to host an engaging interactions between participants

Organise and Invite

Getting started is hassle-free​ and only takes a moment. Just set up a meeting, select your participant(s) and share the link. Your participants can join directly from their preferred browsers, on their own devices

Host and Interact

Engage two-way interaction with your audience with HD video, content and collaborative tools. Mute/unmute or invite/drop attendees, co-annotate, conduct Q&A and polling and more, all under the control of the host.

Follow Up and Share

Capture your online webinar, meetings or training and share it with anyone. Download data about a particular online event and gain actionable insights.

Join a Meeting as a Participant

How to Assign Licenses

Start a Scheduled Meeting

How to Schedule a Meeting and Invite Paricipants

How to Invite People to Your Permanent Meeting Room